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My name is Rob Ruscher and I am a passionate, creative, and driven Cinematographer based in Pittsburgh, PA.  My favorite part of this career is traveling all over the country and meeting new people. 

Constant changing technology whether cameras, lights or camera rigs inspire me. Combine that with a good story, some classic hollywood techniques, and that's where I live. This has led me to build my own lights, camera rigs and follow down an amazing path as a MōVI Operator and Technician. 

Having the opportunity to travel as much as I have, relationships have become the most valuable to me. I am lucky enough to know people all over the country (and world) which allows me to help crew out productions. If your job is in Pittsburgh, I am able to act as your local producer and help crew out any position and source out all the gear you need. 

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When not onset, you will find me in the woods hiking, camping or backpacking while perfecting the art of s'mores. When traveling the first thing I research is where to eat and where to find the best cup of coffee.

I am the husband of my college sweetheart and father of my incredible son and sweet daughter.