MōVI Info


MōVI Operator and Technician

It's not often that something is created in our industry which completely changes how you craft shots, work on-set, tell stories, and accomplish projects. Gimbals, and more specifically the Freefly Systems MōVI has become that tool for me. Whether it's attached to an ATV following actors on bicycles, a process trailer for a music video, or handheld tracking actors, the MōVI allows me to be extremely creative while delivering the Director's vision.

Click here to see my work as a MōVI Operator and Technician.

Be sure to contact me with any gear specific questions.

The Capabilities

Thanks to Freefly's "Toad in the Hole" system, the MōVI can get you a wide range of shots with the same tool utilizing a quick-release system. The speed of this system allows me to track an actor handheld, then clamp it onto a dolly or jib which turns the MōVI into a remote head. For DP's that prefer to operate with wheels, we have the option to do that with Alpha Wheels. This have been the preferred wheels allowing me to dial in the sensitivity for each shot.  The Flowcine Blackarm allows you to do even more. The best way to explain this is a beefy steadicam arm that attaches to speed rail. Car to car for running footage, ATVs for sports and off road, and a dolly when you can't lay down track.  

Freefly Systems MōVI Kit

  • Freefly Systems MōVI Pro

  • Freefly Systems MōVI Controller

  • Alpha Wheels (Brass)

  • TB50 Battery Upgrade (about 2 hour runtime for full package per pair)

  • SmallHD 702 OLED Monitor

  • SmallHD 503 HiBright Monitor

  • Teradek Bolt 500

  • RT Motion Wireless Follow Focus

  • Redrock Micro SLS MōVI FIZ Motor (perfect lightweight Iris Motor)

  • Ignite Digi Tilt Offsets

  • CineMilled Pro Ring

  • CineMilled MōVI Plate with Counterweights

  • ReadyRig Support Vest

  • Cables, Mounts and AKS

  • Inovativ Camera Cart with Docking Station

  • Car Rigging