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All Together Better - Land O'Lakes



Not often does waking up at 3am all week become worth it in the end. Well, for this Land O’ Lakes video it was definitely worth it. Spend a week on two different farms capturing farm life and highlighting the women who run this farm - along with everyone there who work harder than anyone I know. Had an amazing time MoVI operating for DP Eric Ulbrich and working alongside him on this. Char and Dani had a clear cut vision for this and I am beyond humbled that I got to work for them on this.

Alexa Mini
Canon K35s
MōVI Pro
Alpha Wheels

Land O’ Lakes

Here Be Dragons

Production Company
Similar But Different
Charlotte Fassler and Dani Girdwood

Director of Photography
Eric Ulbrich

MōVI Operator and Technician
Rob Ruscher

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Aubrey Woodiwiss