I'd rather tell my story over an espresso or craft beer. A good bourbon works too.


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The Skinny:

ICG Local 600 MōVI Operator, MōVI Technician and Camera Operator

My name is Rob Ruscher and I am a passionate, creative, and driven Cinematographer based in Pittsburgh, PA.  My favorite part of this career is traveling all over the country and meeting new people. These interactions turn into stories which then turn into inspiration. I view my role as a service job. When I DP, I am servicing the Director's vision. As a MoVI Operator and Camera Operator, I am there to serve the DP and get exactly what she or he is looking for. I come with swagger, but no ego. I am hired to make others look good and serve their vision. ICG IATSE Local 600 MōVI Operator, MōVI Technician and Camera Operator.

The More:

As a cinematographer I've had the chance to travel all over the country telling stories, working with amazing people, and creating some unforgettable memories. I  fell in love with operating cameras and using the latest technology to do so.

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This passion led me to the MōVI which I dove into head first. I've used this tool to capture cars, sports, narratives, and brand commercials. It's given me the opportunity to team up with amazing directors and fellow cinematographers. I am able to execute shots for budgets that otherwise wouldn't allow it. A few of my favorites include a remote control hood mount, a jib rigged a UTV, and running car footage with nothing but a mini van. I love hearing a director's vision and coming up with a way to pull it off with the resources we have.

I regularly speak at art schools, colleges, trade shows, and host a podcast to continue my growth as a cinematographer and give back to those in the field.

The Personal:

When not onset, you will find me in the woods hiking, camping or backpacking while perfecting the art of s'mores. If it's not s'mores I'm crafting the perfect aeropress. I have been known to travel with it.

A perfect day is when my family and I spend all day outside and eat all our meals on our deck. Grilling is an added bonus. 

I am the husband of my college sweetheart and father of my incredible son and sweet daughter.